Elevate your Sauna Session

Elevate your Sauna Session

Supplementing Your Sauna Sessions With Red Light Therapy

Discover the ultimate rejuvenation experience for your sauna sessions with the Clearlight CORE Tower. As the exclusive provider of red light solutions designed specifically for saunas, we offer a unique opportunity to enhance your Clearlight Sauna experience like never before.

Our meticulously crafted Light Therapy Tower is built to withstand the heat within your sauna, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

By effortlessly attaching the tower to your Clearlight Sauna door, you seamlessly integrate Red Light Therapy with your Infrared Sauna session, unlocking the combined benefits of both cutting-edge technologies.

Whether you prefer relaxing inside the sauna or standing in front of the tower, the concentrated healing power of red light will target and nourish specific areas of your body. With the Clearlight CORE Tower, you have an exclusive chance to harness the full potential of these transformative therapies, elevating your well-being to extraordinary levels.

Experience the pioneering synergy of red light therapy with Clearlight and discover the remarkable benefits awaiting you on your unique wellness journey.

Electrical Requirements

Enhance your Clearlight Infrared Sauna experience by adding the CORE Tower to your sauna door.


Please note that depending on your specific sauna model, you may need to update your electrical requirements to accommodate the CORE Red Light Therapy Tower.

For assistance with ordering the correct cord or any additional information, we recommend contacting one of our Sauna Specialists.

  • Sanctuary 1: Changes from 120v/15 amp to 120v/20 amp and requires a new door handle. The electrical circuit required is NEMA 5-20p.
  • Sanctuary 2: Changes from 120v/20 amp to 120v/30 amp. The electrical circuit required is NEMA 5-30p.
  • Sanctuary C: Changes from 240v/15 amp to 240v/20 amp. The electrical circuit required is NEMA 6-20p.
  • Sanctuary Y: Changes from 240v/15 amp to 240v/20 amp. The electrical circuit required is NEMA 6-20p.
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