Light years ahead.

Experience the exceptional power of Clearlight® Red Light Therapy. For over 25 years, Clearlight® has been at the forefront of health and wellness innovation, creating cutting-edge technology like our powerful Red Light Therapy products.

Unlike grow-lights-turned-therapy-devices, Clearlight Light Therapy technology is meticulously designed for human wellness. Utilizing powerful medical-grade LED bulbs to administer optimal wavelengths to your body, our exclusive Variable Optics™ ensures soothing and rejuvenating light waves reach your cells from multiple angles, unlocking unparalleled health benefits.

Close up photo of the top 1/3 of the CORE Tower with its lights illuminated.


Get the most out of every session

Experience wellness like never before with Clearlight's groundbreaking Variable Optics™ Technology. While competitor products rely on a single optical output at 30°, Clearlight products like our Red Light Therapy towers boast a combination of 7° to 60° adjustable optics, delivering the widest range of healing light angles on the market. This intelligent design allows for greater light absorption by the skin, delivering more benefits in less time with each session. 

With our Variable Optics™ technology, your body receives precise, pin-pointed light for targeted therapy on specific areas, as well as light for a comprehensive whole-body treatment. It's a transformative approach to healing that ensures you get the most out of every session. Target specific areas with pinpoint precision or embrace full-body therapy, the choice is yours.

Variable Optics 

The Variable Optics™ technology uses a mix of 7 to 60 degree optics to create multiple cross acceptance angles of the light waves. This allows the light to travel better in to our cells and offer more benefit.

The Variable Optics™ technology allows you to maximize the benefits of light therapy in every session.

An abstract infographic showing the angle of Clearlight tower optics. Narrow 7-30 Degree Optics: Highly targeted offering deeper penetration with an irradiance of 75-110 mw/cm2 at 4